SPF Perfection.

22 Mar

Say YES to great skin.

We all want healthy, glowing,de-wrinkled skin, but i’ve got news for you girls, you can use as many thankful products as god provides us with, but there is no magic formula which can totally abolish wrinkles. We get wrinkles as we age. but what makes us age? UBA and UBV rays. They are everywhere! They break the elastin underneath your skin which causes the skin to sag. Elastin is a protein which keeps the skin flexible.Without this you can say bye bye to firm skin and hello to Botox, which isn’t a pleasant experience.

I can’t stress how important it is to wear an spf moisturizer underneath your foundation. Even when the sun is not shining bright through those little clouds, the suns ageing rays are still beaming directly at your face, even through glass. Starting young is the key; keeping your skin healthy and giving it the nutrients it needs. Drinking lots of water and maintaining a healthy diet is vital, as it helps to keep that gorgeous face of yours looking fresh & full of life!

Any cosmetic brand will be able to custom fit you to the perfect day and night moisturizer. Night time is when the skin naturally repairs it self, so having an extra helper is going to work wonders.Treating your skin with an intensive serum will free your skin from any excess damage and can help to rebuild a weakened moisture barrier. So why not start now? & keep your beautiful skin forever!

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