In the midst of a 90s revival…already?

25 Mar

After a long, and dare I say tiresome, spout of endless legwarmer based, Desperately-Seeking-Susan-esque outfits, the 80s revival trend appears to be running out of steam. So, unquestionably, the 90s revival trend should be the natural successor. But so soon?! I find it hard to believe that the 90s were a long enough time ago to warrant a revival. I feel as though I’ve barely had the chance to cry bon voyage and bid a solemn farewell to my sunny disposition 90s childhood, but alas! The dark cloud of my 21st birthday, my impending doom, is fast approaching. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t see this revival as a bad thing. Quite the contrary. A 90s revival, in all senses of the term, whether it be music, fashion or emotion, is my perfect trend. I love the nineties and everything the decade provided. The nineties were the first decade where the trend for retro-fashion began. And vintage was my first love.

So, delving briefly into the realms of things other than fashion. I couldn’t whack out a 90s revival blog without mentioning the best boy band of the 90s treating us to a cheeky reunion just a few years ago. Our babes Take That are back and bigger than ever. Not just the boys though, 90s themed club nights are popping up all over the country. Even our godforsaken dump of an SU cottoned on to the trend and splashed out on a 90s themed night for us. Shoreditch’s favourite club night WORK IT! hosts their 90s R’n’B nights regularly. Check it out at Concrete on April 7th for the Jay Z Vs. Mary J Blige night. The place to be and the place to be seen.

Kid's hitop fade. Fantastic 90s hair being revived by very brave boys across the country

Back to fashion and my all favourite trend – grunge. I suppose I’ve always been a grunger in one way or another. So here are some of my favourite 90s items for the perfect dirty, grungy look this summer. And of course everything is second hand. What else would you expect from me?

Grunge and Glory shoot, US Vogue, 1992. Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain were sent items from the shoot. They burnt the clothes. Love recently admitted she 'desperately regrets' her actions.

90s grunge revival icon Alice Dellal. Hero.

Starting at the bottom – shoes. This season I’m going for Dr. Martens, Vans and Brothel Creepers (any platforms really- think Spice Girls.)

Brothel Creepers from eBay. Good condition and cheap as chips. Just type in ‘Creepers’ into the search bar and you’re away.

I found a pair of these for £3 in Deptford Market. Topshop are selling them this season for £80. Needless to say, not my cup of tea.

In the middle now – the bottoms. I’m going for the floor length skirt option or the cut off denim shorts. Bare legged or black opaque tights when it’s chilly. We are in England after all.

EBay again with another cracking offer. I bought this skirt for £8.99 plus £2.99 postage and packaging. Can’t go wrong really!

You may of noticed my penchant for all things casual and comfortable by now. I love oversized t-shirts. Hit your local charity shop or thift store and pick up a vintage baggy for next to nothing. Roll up the sleeves, nip in at the waist. Ironic slogans and old band tee’s are perfect.

For the jacket, as we have established by now we aren’t in Barbados, we want denim or leather. I’m not talking these slim-line numbers you’ll find in New Look. My worst nightmare is someone pointing out a piece of clothing I’m wearing and knowing where it’s from. If they dared to own the item too I’d probably have a quiet aneurism. I really don’t care how pretentious this makes me.

Beyond Retro are selling this classic Levi’s denim number for £25.

Even more of a splurge on this one at £45, but it’s going to last you a lifetime!

The nineties definately had some memorable eyewear. The boys are back again showing us how it’s done.

I’m going with Liam Gallagher on this one. The round glasses are my favourite look this season. Here’s a prime example of the nineties being a retro loving decade. These glasses were also popular in the 60s and 80s. To eBay again for yet another fab bargain!

Grab these bad boys for less than a tenner.

You can also pick up these sunnies from local fancy dress shops for next to nothing, but make sure they have full UV protection.


So there you have my favourite look for spring summer 2011. Another article proving you can achieve the latest trends for next to nothing, whilst wearing a unique outfit and avoiding being a highstreet clone. Take the advice with a pinch of salt! These are helpful hints, not rules. Be yourself!

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