How French is French Connection ?

28 Mar

First of all, you have to know that French Connection is not a French shop. French Connection, often stylised FCUK,is a British retailer of clothing and accessories in many parts of the world, founded in 1972. However,

FCUK is inspired by the French clothing style, and that is why a lot of people think that French Connection is a French Brand.

If you look carefully at all the ads. that FCUK have made, you’ll always find an allusion to France. In its last ads. campaign, it’s written : You are Woman ? You are Man ? By writing this down, FCUK is in a way speaking the english that a French person would talk.

French Connection has its own clothing style. They create a certain range of clothes, all of them really casual, simple, and easy to wear, and classy.

In its last collection, FCUK is using bright colours, a lot of stripes, and flowers. But it stays simple


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