Scrumptious Summer Colours!

29 Mar

So we picked up this years spring/summer trends from fashion week, but what cosmetics did you pick up to go with it?! Were almost in April, so its time to start wearing the new face girls! We all want to banish the grey skies and get heavenly bronzed, so with these fabulous new products i’ve picked out for you, there is no way a cosmetic fail will be on the cards for you this season.

Bold colour’s. Check Volume lashes. Check Sunkissed Glow. Check

Base tan: Dior Bronze self tanner. This is an instant natural glow for any skin tone and can be applied to the face and to the rest of the body. The shimmery tan smooths on evenly, leaves skin feeling fresh and looking naturally healthy. This tan is brilliant for the every day sun kissed glow, without using a tanning bed. Perfect for work, social meetings, holidays and you!

Now you have a base tan, don’t forget to use your spf moisturizer. Apply over the tan on the face before applying your make-up.

Foundation: A girls best friend! In summer, we can always get away with our foundation being a shade darker, due to the sun changing our skin colouring. You’re skin is more likely to become oily during the spring/summer because of the heat. This often leaves foundation ‘slipping’ off and leaving skin feeling patchy and uncomfortable. I’ve found the best stay on foundation is Estee Lauder’s “Double Wear”. This is is fantastic for coverage and leaves skin looking flawless and feeling smooth. I have found this foundation doesn’t slide during those oily months. Finally, Yipee to Double Wear. Its a must have this summer. *Tip* Use a foundation brush for best results.

This year is all about yummy delicious bold colour’s and my my, I love them! Pink is always a summer favourite, and believe me, it still is this year! However, why not try coral? luscious coral.. fan-dabby-do-bee!

Cheeks :To achieve gorgeous, structured, super-model cheek bones, try Coralista blusher by Benefit. *Tip* line up your cheek bone with your brush so you know exactly where your dusting on. Take the brush right up to the hair line in one natural swift movement. Repeat a couple of times for the bold colour you want this season!

Lashes: All year round, lashes are a major biggie for us girls. No mascara = ending up feeling like Darnell ( Big Brother contestant ). This summer, lashes are back but even bigger! Treat yourself to some lash extensions and you’ll never look back. For a cheap option, Eylure do two fabulous options. The first one, is the Girls Aloud range. These are strip lashes, very easy to apply by yourself and you can pick your favourite band members lashes! The second is individual lashes. These are a little more time consuming and you may need someone to do them for you. However, they are very easy to do! Compliments will be fluttering your way. If you don’t want to try lash extensions, try Zoom Lash by MAC. This mascara is designed to give your lashes that extra va va voom! with the brush reaching every single lash, bringing them up to your eyebrows!This mascara comes in black or brown. *Tip*, When the mascara wand is on your lashes, once you get near the top, shake the wand from side to side and move your hand upwards in a slow motion. This will help lengthen the lashes.

Eyes: Once you have your full length super duper lashes, you wont need much more! Eye colours this season are very simple. Little tip, Lots of colour on the eyes= hardly any colour on the lips. ( We don’t want to look like transvestites). As bold colours are in this year, I suggest using a cream and a brown on the eyes ( your preference of brand. )Start off by using the lighter colour all over the eye lid. This will highlight the eye. Slowly start putting on the darker shade in the corner (nearest your ear) of the eye. slowly start introducing it to the rest of the eyelid but only go half way. *Tip*, adding a little of the dark colour underneath the eye instead of eyeliner is another season trend and perfect for everyday. For night time occasions, a traditional smokey eye is definitely working for you!

Lips: The world, is your oyster! As long as they’re bright, they’re fabulous! My three favourite shades are all by MAC. The first one is, a limited edition Lady GaGa inspired lipstick. This is called “GaGa” and it is a gorgeous pink! Perfect for you girly girls out there. The second one is a limited edition Cyndi Lauper inspired lipstick. This is called “Cyndi” and it is a bright coral. This is absolutely fabulous for everyday and night time. Its very versatile. And finally, if your feeling a little more daring! The third is called Riveting Rose. Its a purple. Don’t be alarmed! If you look on my bloggers bio picture I have it on there. *Tip* For best results use a lipliner for an ultra strong lip!

Bronzer: Dior Bronze is absolutely perfect for an all over added glow this summer! There are different shades and you can choose between matte and shimmery. Dust all over the face after foundation and blusher. This it a handbag MUST have!

I could go on for hours at all the gorgeous products out there but they are this seasons favourite’s. Some other fave’s include;

Benefit-Moon Beam. Absolutely perfect for the summer glow. Dab 3 dots up the cheek bone, after foundation but before applying the blusher.

Guerlain– Orange toned blusher. The 4 colour’s work together to reveal the inner goddess! Absolutely gorgeous for an everyday glow. Tip, dust extra when attending a bbq or social swaray!


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