The MAC face.

31 Mar

MAC undoubtably is the best make-up for the flawless look. With A listers such as Lady GaGa and Cyndi Lauper designing their new range there’s no way you can go wrong. MAC products are used globally by all you beauty junkies! If your new to MAC products or you need too know more information about them, your in luck! I will take you through step by step, each product you will need to achieve the “MAC look”.. happy reading !

Firstly, we need to prep the skin. To do this we use a pre-make up conditioner which is called a Primer. “Prep & Prime”. The primer helps to calm any redness, soothes the skin and blots away any excess oil. Its really important you use a primer as it helps your foundation, 1, stay on all day and 2, keep the flawless finish. Apply this under your foundation, all over your face.

Next up.. Concealer. “Pro Longwear Concealer”. A concealer is absolutely vital when thinking about any new make up. Were going to apply the concealer under the eye. Add a bit onto your ring finger and slowly dab under the eye area. This is going to banish any dark circles and make those tired eyes look bright! This will leave your eye area feeling comfortable and leave you with a matte finish. Your eyes are the most gorgeous part of your face, its what gets noticed first and what everyone looks into, so having an under eye concealer is going to illuminate the delicate area, leaving a twinkle!

Foundation.. “Pro Longwear Foundation” . This foundation is going to give you the most glamourous coverage. The clue is in the name. Its a long wearing foundation which lasts up to 15hours, so no need to top up your make up during the day! The foundation also has an spf 15 included and helps to control any oil when its hot. As well as keeping your skin feeling fresh, your skin will look flawless and illuminated. For best results id advise using a foundation brush. They help you achieve a fuller coverage and give you the studio look.

The MAC look is classically known as being “Flawless”. To achieve the flawless look we need to set the foundation so it doesn’t look shiny in any areas. “Studio Fix Powder” combines a good coverage with a velvet texture. This can be used with the sponge you get with it or simply with a big brush. For the extra full coverage and matte finish, i’d suggest using the sponge to go over your foundation with. If you want a slightly lighter coverage, you should use the brush and simply dust over the top. This powder contains something called Silica, which absorbs oils on your skin, helping to maintain a matte finish.

The Blush is pretty self explanatory. For the ultimate MAC look, I would advise you too, look in the mirror, smile and find where the apple of your cheek is. Use that as a starting point and follow your cheek bone right up to the hair line. This is going to emphasize your cheek bones as well as adding a spot of colour to your face. The colour is entirely up too you. For extra va va voom, repeat the action until the colour is beautifully bright.

As previously stated, eyes are your most gorgeous feature. So lets add some emphasis! The traditional MAC eye consists of shadow, liner and mascara. So first of all we start by using shadows. Apply a light base colour all over your eye lid. MAC eyes are dark and mysterious. So have a selection of 3 darker colours you can use. Use the darkest one on the end corners of the eyelid, slowly raising just below the brow bone to create a smokey eye. A tip for this is the “V”. With your brush draw a sideways “V” . So it should look like “>”, then work your colour blending into the V into the lighter base colour. Each time you get closer into the eyelid change colour to add a slightly more variety to the smokey eye. Once you have finished with the shadow, prepare a liquid liner or a pencil liner ( black ) and carefully draw a line across your top eyelid. For the ultimate MAC look, flick the liner out off the end of the eyelid.Lashes are a major biggie! Read my previous post about false lashes to achieve this look. All MAC fanatics wear false lashes to make their eyes look uber duber gorgeous!!

Eyebrow pencils are a complete essential. No matter if you have dark eyebrows, they need attention paying to them! Use  “Eyebrow Crayon” and there is no way you can go wrong. Slowly draw on your brow, following your natural arch shape. For more emphasis, draw slightly above and below the brow then colour in. This is a must girls!

And finally, those luscious lips! Lips are also quite essential when forming the MAC face. COLOUR COLOUR COLOUR. Start by using a lip pencil. Outline your lips then lightly colour your lips with the pencil before applying the lipstick. This is going to help keep the lipstick on and add 100% more emphasis on the colour. Choose your colour for whatever mood your in. Make sure you always apply a colour, this is completely necessary and there should be absolutely no excuses! MAC have hundreds of colours so the world is your oyster.

Try using these tips by your self and start the MAC face… you’ll never look back!



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