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Hello! i’m Hollie and I am the editor of the blog!  I’m a Journalism student by day, make-up artist by profession and a complete Beauty junkie 24/7. General lover of a good book and spending lots of time with those close to heart.







Hiya! I’m Shani, I’m 19 and from Milton Keynes. I’m a lover of high street fashion, and I live for the summer. On this blog, I will mainly be focusing on the trends for this summer, and where to find them at your local high street stores!







I am Emma-Louise,

constantly playing dress up.

My wish is only to unveil multiple magical wardrobes and satisfy my 100% fixation with beautiful garms.





Hey, I’m Rajia, 19. I am half Egyptian half French and I am in charge of the international part of this blog. My posts usually consist in bringing the best of trends and styles from around the world in order for you to get a unique and creative look !





Hey, I’m Yasmin,19.I’m half Moroccan, half French. Basically in this blog, I write about a bit of everything, French Designers, Summer trends, Community styles..

Hi! I’m Alex and I am in charge of designing the blog! I write regular posts about high street fashion including best buys, trends and styles you should all be looking out for.


I’m Elle. Token Yorkshire bird here to bang on endlessly about how much I love vintage clothing and charity shopping and basically looking fabulously trampy for next to nothing.


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