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BAGS Galore

24 Mar

Not quite sure what accessories you need to finish off the look of your new outfit?

Well, look no further. All you need is a cute summer handbag!

Bags are THE most important item this season. They are a very popular item with most women, as they can quickly make a simple outfit stand out. If you’re not confident with some of the new trends that are out this season, then don’t panic. Take a look at the following suggestions for handbags this summer, and you will be able to give off a trendy look without having to wear an outfit you’re not quite sure about.

Oversized bags.

Statements are really important this season. So what could be better than an oversized bag?

But why do we love them so much? Well, these are big bags (hence the name ‘OVERSIZED’), so it means that we can fit all of our stuff in them. I mean, c’mon, us women have a LOT of our own essentials. With a big bag, you don’t have the worry of cramming everything into a tiny little space. You can carry around everything you need with no worries!

If you’re feeling adventurous, choose a bag with an exotic print to make you stand out from the crowd. They help to give that extra ‘WOW’ factor to any plain looking outfit. However, make sure you match the prints accordingly… You don’t want to end up looking like your nan’s old curtains!

Black Floral Print Bag


River Island

Warehouse Buckle Satchel



Black Monochrome Day Bag


Miss Selfridge


This season, you will be witnessing a lot of bright colours. If you really want to get noticed (in a good way of course!), pick a bright coloured bag. This is a great tip if you’re not confident with buying a bright item of clothing. Block colours are going to be very popular. If you don’t want to buy those neon trousers just for the sake of looking fashionable, then just grab a neon bag instead!

Again, making a statement is really important this summer, and a bright coloured bag can help you do just that. As must of us know, 70’s revival is going to be huge this summer, and this is exactly what bright coloured bags are inspired by.

Electric blue and bright orange are going to be massive colours for this particular season. And any other neon colours. But you can splash out with whatever colour you like… Pink, Orange, Green, Yellow… You name it, there will probably be a bag for it! Again, just make sure you match the colours accordingly. Looking like someone has just thrown random paint colours at you is NOT a good look.

Orange Contrast Leather Pushlock Satchel



Blue Crocodile Oversized Clutch


River Island

River Island Vintage Across Body Bag


Clutch bags.

Even though big bags are in this summer, clutches are equally important. They are the perfect accessory for your summer party wear! Lets face it, you don’t want to be lugging around a huge bag all night. Personally, I think clutch bags are one of the cutest styles around. As well as looking cute, they’re just about big enough to fit in all your party essentials!

Frills and tassels seem to be making a big impact on clutch bags this summer, as well as all of our bright colours and patterned prints. The envelope bag is a popular style this season, and they come in a range of colours and styles. Animal print is going to be making its way back into the fashion world this summer, so you could grab a leopard print clutch bag to help bring out the ‘animal’ in you at night. So, go out there, grab yourself a pretty little clutch bag and get your dancing shoes on!

Twist Lock Clutch



Blue Floral Envelope Clutch


Dorothy Perkins

Mock Snakeskin Envelope Clutch


New Look

Shoulder/body bags.

These little numbers are another item that has been inspired by 70’s revival. The great thing about shoulder bags is that they look great in the day time, AND in the evening. It’s quite obvious from the name what these bags were made for… You wear them on your shoulders to help free up your hands. For example, wearing a shoulder bag when out on a long shopping trip means that you will have an extra bag to carry your shopping back. Result!

You can’t really go wrong with a shoulder or body bag – there are so many different styles out there that will suit everyone. They also come in different shapes and sizes. An oversized shoulder bag will probably be better for the day time, as it means that you can fit all of your essentials in one bag. Think back to this seasons idea of making a statement. With an oversized shoulder bag, you can do just that, as well as making it comfy to carry. However, elegant body bags are probably best with evening wear. Unlike clutches, you don’t have to constantly carry it in your hand for the whole night. Just sling it over your shoulder and voila! You can now party in comfort!

Woven Duffle Shoulder Bag


New Look

Orange Leather Lock Cross Body Bag



ASOS Floral Metal Keeper Detail Satchet


So, what style handbag will you choose this summer? Well… Why not have one of each?

Go on, treat yourself!

Top 5 Summer Shoes

23 Mar

Up to fifteen degrees.. Oouh.. Can you feel the summer breeze?

Logically, if summer is approaching, you have to think about the shoes and sandals you’ll buy !

I’ve made a little selection of the top 5 shoes for this summer:


  • Price: £18.00


  • Price: £28.00


Price £69.99


  • Price: £65.00


  • Price: £20.00


23 Mar

In case you are yet to notice, cyclists are taking over the world. In London the streets are frequently paired with the rolled up jean, vans or the new slim-soled converse, wheeling fixies to the nearest bike café.  The sport is becoming urban and sports clothes are now city uniforms.

Agyness Deyn’s fondness of two wheels, documented by countless paparazzi pictures of her cruising through London streets, declares it “a fashionable pursuit”. Cycling’s not only sustainable, cheap and healthy – it’s officially chic. Ludicrous? Certainly, but also a sign of how fashion is starting to take cycling seriously. (Just ask Vivienne Westwood, a long-time devotee of pedal power.)

However, the hatred of clichéd cyclewear unites bike-style bloggers. They share a belief that the stereotype of an aggressive cyclist in Spandex shorts and wraparound shades does a great deal to harm the concept of cycling as simply a normal, everyday means of getting from one place to the next. There appears to be two major misconceptions. One is that cycling is a geeky pursuit for which you have to be dressed from head to toe in Lycra. The other is that it’s dangerous.

Fashionable cycling is about being able to wear your everyday clothes to do it. It’s not for the purpose of cycling, but for the purpose of dressing according to your personality and the occasion, be it work, school, a party, whatever. Just anything but Lycra!

So dress as you would every day, in Louboutin heels if you like, enjoying your leisurely bike ride.


A Guide To Cycling In Skirts and Dresses.

So… I asked a few of London’s cycling women with their style on fire and their bicycle basket filled with shopping bags how they straddle the saddle with grace.

“How do I cycle in a skirt? I just cycle… in a skirt! If it’s a long, loose dress, it’s obviously easy. If it’s a tight skirt, I just pull it up a bit and cycle with my knees a bit closer together – one is, after all, feminine. I’ll get to where I’m going either way.”

“I live dangerously – so I put on a dress. Mount my bicycle. Start pedalling. And let the wind decide if my knickers will be introduced to the world.”

“How to ride a bike in a skirt? First things first – you need to be wearing a skirt. So step away from the spandex. Put on a skirt and preferably a pair of heels and hop on your bike heading for work.

There are, however, some pitfalls to be avoided. If like me, you’re not into excessive thigh flashing, keep in mind that short and tight skirts tend to ride a bit up while pedalling along. And a usually decent wrap-around skirt can, with one little puff of wind, burst the thigh-flash-o-meter.

That being said you can take all the precautions and still be revealed by a single gust. In that case do a little damage control and hold on to the skirt Marilyn Monroe style.”

(The Monroe style- The fine art of casually placing a hand in your lap while riding. It makes you appear frightfully cool and it serves a anti-wind gust function.)

“Cycling in short skirts is sort of like walking in high heels. To those who are not used to it, it’s scary, a little strange and considered unnecessary. To those who do it every day, it’s nothing.”

Without objections, Bicycle chic is riding its way into mainstream fashion at high speeds, pedaled by a younger generation of designers, and enjoyed especially by us students!


Style tweaks to steal from Paris fashion week runway

21 Mar

1.Team a black skirt with a bright oversized shirt
2. Wear rolled up leather leggings

Leather leggings, £19.99 H&M

3. Wear an evening flat

Chloe Vernis

Jewelled pumps,£77

4. Carry a shoulder bag

Christian Dior
Suede chain bag, £155 Russel & Bromley

5. Choose big colourful waist belts
Alexander McQueen

Oscar de la Renta, Available at

6. Put on your boyfriend blazer

Dries VonNoten

Black boyfriend blazer, £65 Warehouse

7. Wear a straw hat

Straw Fedora hat
, £15.00  Available at

8. Indulge your girlie side with flowers

Dolce and Gabbana

Gipsy Floral Midi dress, £26.99 New Look

Luxury made Affordable by Lucy in Disguise.

21 Mar

Evoke your inner bohemian and spend Sunday lounging in the park or take yourself out on Saturday night and shake your tassel feather dress till dawn with Lucy in Disguise.





We can skip between decade-to-decade, city and scene, the clothes; party dresses, coats, killer skirts and flirtatious tops. Hell, we wear vintage like it is new.  But, as vintage is now almost priced out of the market, that classic Chanel suit is enough to cause a seizure. And that’s if you can even find one unless one enjoys spending hours on their knees flicking through grubby jumble sale racks. However, Lucy in Disguise is opening their wardrobe to all, and putting their favorite pieces on shameless display, all under one very chic roof. If the blow dry bar and vintage make-up salon does not tempt you enough, they have more drop-dead gowns than you could shake a feather boa at. Think of this new gem as a shared dressing up box, so turn around, give me a twirl and follow us inside Lucy in Disguise and prepare to be dazzled.

The sisters Lily Allen and Sarah Owen lead Lucy in Disguise. A shared passion for fashion and love of hoarding vintage, led to a desire to share this with the world with an aim of making the classic vintage style attainable. Luxury labels and designers are at price that makes looking a million dollars for the special night out an affordable treat.

This is the spot where the vintage loving girl can buy or simply hire desirable pieces from whichever decade preferred. Perhaps beaded dresses from the 20s, evening gowns from the 30s, or rub shoulders with the 40s tea dress as well as the prom dress from the 50s. There is Ossie Clark and BIba from the 60s and 70s as well as sequins and sparkle until the 80s. No more rummaging on jumble sale rails, or six AM alarm calls to get to Portobello market.


If this wasn’t enough, you can add finishing touches to your look by visiting the blow dry bar and vintage salon where your tresses will be teased and make-up applied to create the perfect vision of vintage style.

But warning: you will soon be addicted to the Lucy in disguise experience but it is ready with a private dressing room, your own personal stylist and a cocktail at hand to debate the merits of hemlines.

Therefore, Lucy in Disguise is the modern girl’s way to do vintage.


Feel free to dance around Lucy in beauty parlour to check out their treatment list!

Our Lucy in Disguise favorites…

Pink 80′s jacket £50.00

Tan 80′s short suede skirt £45.00

70′s brown leather DIOR belt £120.00

Brown felt hat £45.00



70′s animal print jumpsuit £110.00, Hire £33.00

Givenchy necklace with green pendant £540.00

Egyptian bracelet blue £182.00

Embellished body con tassel dress £65.00