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Luxurious Goddess.

23 Mar

Are men really from Mars? Well, I like too think so. They don’t help themselves in any way shape or form with their ridicule comments and petulant behavior. Since when has it become such an issue to care girls? The suffragettes didn’t fight for us for nothing! We don’t need men to complete our lives. We can be super successful without the help of any male. In fact, we manage to run a house, look after children and work. Would they be able to do the same? The answer to that is, probably not!

I guess if men had it their way, they would re-wind back to the 60’s. When women stayed at home, and cooked, and cleaned. Were in the 21st century, and we do things our way!

So the modern Independent Woman. What are her characteristics? I’ll let you in on a few. Well a common conception is, she is driven, intelligent, organized, fearless, confident and she explores her own feelings without having someone else to tell her. Kind of mix of the most envied Sex And The City goddesses!

Now, i’m not saying we should all be like Thatcher! Lets think of Independent class, such as Grace Kelly. Thats more the image you should be aiming for.

There’s one thing that’s really important to the independent woman. And that is Health. I think every human being goes through a phase of exercising then moving swiftly on to “ i’m too busy”, but there are so many ways for you to exercise without it being too time consuming or too expensive. If there’s one thing I have learnt over the past few years, it’s not deprive your body of anything, otherwise, your brain naturally wants it more ( meaning you freak, eat and become huge. ) I’ve tried so many different diets in the past, from Atkins, to Slim Fast. Let me tell you, none of them are particularly brilliant or make you in the slightest bit happy. I know its very cliche, but eating in moderation and exercising, is all you need.

Well, summer is approaching and the dreaded celebrity beach pictures will soon be around, making you want to starve for the entirety. Hang fire with the drastic measures please girls, I have brilliant toning news! Exercising is really boring too some people, so i’ve found a few ways to make it a little more exciting and toning for you;

Number one: The Exercise Bike! Try taking one of your favourite magazines or books and putting it on the machines ledge. Read whats hot whilst burning off your delicious lunch.

Number two: Take strolls with girlfriends. Did you know, a power walk for 40 minutes can burn off up to 600 calories? 40 minutes of gassing will pass by surprisingly quickly! Even take your dog along with you.

Number three: Zumba! A great way of burning off calories. A new class of dancing. 99% all girls. Take your girlfriends along with you and I assure you a  barrel of laughs! If you google Zumba and your postcode, the nearest class will come up!

Number four: My favourite! We’ve all seen the cringe worthy fitness dvd’s, but have you ever done them with a group of your friends? This is so much fun. The cringier, the better! Very cheap and easy way of having an hour’s exercise.

Number five: Try joining a sports league. Maybe playing netball once a week, or hockey, tennis. The sport is entirely up too you. Its very cheap, not at all time consuming, very enjoyable and very sociable. Exercising this way lets you meet a whole new circle of friends!

As we are only in March, you have plenty of time to tone for summer. If there’s one thing you should remember from this post, is, when faced with a problem of obscurity, just think “Grace Kelly, Independent Class.”