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Interview with Ben Gilbert.

4 Apr


Today we were given the chance to grab a short Q&A with music journalist Ben Gilbert, questioning his views about fashion within the music industry and his own personal style. Although Ben is clearly fond of designer labels, he admits he isn’t a fan of following the latest trends, sporting his favourite Grandad jumper and desert boots. Ben also talks further about fashion influences within the music industry, mentioning fashion icons such as Lady Gaga that ventures further from music, gracing covers such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

“I do a fair bit of shopping online. My girlfriend gets as much fulfilment when shopping for me as she does herself, we were looking at Paul Smith, YMC and Flannels.”

Listen to the rest of the interview here….


By Emma-Louise and Alex Gage

Interview with Tui from POP magazine

2 Apr

This time last week, Elle and I were lucky enough to grab an interview with Tui, who is the junior fashion editor at POP magazine.

We made our way down to the POP magazine headquarters, which is situated just around the corner from Regent Street, on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

As soon as we walked into the plush building, myself and Elle looked at each other as if to say “WOW, I can’t believe we’re actually here!” Once we had signed in with the receptionist, we headed for the lift and made our way to the third floor of the building, where we waited outside the offices to meet Tui.

After about 10 minutes of waiting nervously, she finally appeared from the office with a big smile on her face. We shook hands, introduced ourselves, and made our way back outside the offices to sit in the park which is located just outside the offices on Hanover Square.

We set up our audio equipment, and jumped right into the interview. She was such a pleasure to chat to, and she really was an inspiration to both of us. She spoke about fashion in a completely different way to what we first imagined. Instead of relating fashion to the whole designer catwalk scene, she told us that fashion should relate to your own personality rather than copying everyone else’s style. And we couldn’t agree more! She’s made us look at the fashion industry in a completely different light.

We managed to ask her a whole range of questions relating to her role in the magazine and her opinions on fashion.

Make sure you check this interview out…  I’m sure it will give you a huge insight into what the magazine is about and Tui’s view on the fashion industry!

Interview by Shani Wortley. Recorded and edited by Elle Douglas.