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Music has lost its mystique says music journalist Ben Gilbert

4 Apr

After being a music journalist  for approaching 15 years, Ben Gilbert has witnessed the changes in the industry first hand. Growing up listening to The Beatles and The Velvet Underground, Ben speaks of the ‘mythology’ that surrounded bands. A sense of mystique that has now been lost on today’s artists due to social media, the rise of twitter and the cult of celebrity. With Lily Allen posting every 5 minutes about what she’s had for lunch it ‘devalues the magic of the musician.’

Music consumption is everywhere now. Twitter and Facebook play and enormous part in the discovery of new music, but what is music worth if it’s given or taken away for free? There are so many cases of piracy and illegal downloading these days. There is a feeling of a new found lack of respect towards musicians.

We are now in the era of convergence. ‘Old and new media collide.’  Ben talks of Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable and The Velvet Underground. He read about it, but never saw it. ‘You used to have to use your imagination.’ Media is now unlimited, you just have to choose a general direction to follow.

Ten years ago production companies were worried that home taping was killing music. If only they knew what was to come!