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Camden Vs Knightsbridge

31 Mar

The area of London dominated by Harrods and Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge is home to some of the worlds most famous stores. In fact the area is so intricately linked that it is possible to take an underground tunnel directly from the tube station to Harrods. Knightsbridge is the luxurious, extravagant area of London with a reputation for designer clothes.

Despite its reputation and links to the Harrods store, the area is one of the most unspoilt in London, with few offices and numerous restaurants and shops – Knightsbridge is the place to kick back and relax after a hard days shopping.

People from Knightsbridge are from hight class of society in London, their clothing style is usually classic, and simple, but expensive !

Let’s have a look to some of the clothes people wear in Knightsbridge

On the Other hand we have Camden…

Camden Town, in Northern London, is one of London’s most fashionable neighborhoods for teenagers (if not the most fashionable of them all). Full of hipsters, goths, mods, emo kids, and absolutely every style under the sun, this is the place to go if you want to be ahead of the game with all of the trendsetting teens.

5 instructions to live in Camden, and have its clothing style :

1) Wear a lot of black. The Camden look is often very gothic.

2) Wear huge platform shoes.

3) Buy PunkyFish outfits.

4) Dress vintage.

5) Shop at the outdoor markets.


This is it. Now, which one do you like most ? Let me guess..


30 Mar

A slither of inspiration for all aspiring.

Johanna O’Hagan is an example of what can be achieved if you want it badly enough. Sheffield-born, the designer left school at fourteen with no qualifications, perhaps destined to become another statistic of broken Britain. But fast-forward fifteen years- via The London College of Fashion, the mere roots of the designs that are now seen on celebrities, aka Lady Gaga.

However, anyone is yet to be spied, adorned in a pair of ceramic knickers and matching bra set. Not the most commercial enterprise to revel in. But it proves a point; her work is not throwaway fashion, it is statement yelling, beauty reeking, and evocative.

The notions behind her designs are unique, with a fixation with transformation, progression and realization, her collections spells out a personal experience.

The ceramic pieces are key to this idea, with fragility, they emphasise the need for care.

Johanna O'Hagan Bra

Naomi Campbell in Alaia shoes, alongside a Topshop Lace skirt, peplum by Matthew Harding and a custom-crafted cermaic brassiere from Johanna O’Hagan.

Flawless Skin Formula!

22 Mar

If you want a Hollywood glow every morning when you put your make-up on, think again. Great make-up comes from great skin.

If your prone to blemishes, your skin naturally has open pores, this then effects the way your make-up looks. Using a pore minimiser will instantly reduce the size of pores. Personally, the best pore minimiser I have found is Estee Lauder, “Idealist”.

Idealist helps to reduce pore size by 1/3 immediately. Not only does it minimise pores, it repairs any flakiness or roughness which your skin might be  by. The luscious thing about Idealist, is its instant silk feel, which leaves your skin feeling extra smooth. This can also be used as an illuminator and give an all over more even skin tone ( you suffer from dark spots due to skin damage.) Apply every morning on clear skin, with an spf moisturiser, then apply your make-up.

Dermatologist Tested- There’s an anti-oxident in Idealist (NDGA) which helps to reduce wide open pores by first, trying to reduce the visible irritation which leads up to a lot of excess oil.

There is also another pore minimiser which I recommend, however, this time, this is a refining mask. You still need to use Idealist, as the mask is weekly. The mask has a deep cleanse and cleans out embedded debris on your skin, controlling and balancing your oil. Apply a thin layer to clear skin, wait 5minutes, then rinse with tepid water. This product is by Clinique and its called “Pore Minimiser”


No matter your skin type you need a daily moisturiser. Even if you have an oily skin type, there are moisturisers which will help to controlthe oil. All of your daily morning moisturisers NEED to contain an spf to protect your skin throughout the day. There are different moisturisers for different skin types.
Dry: Super Defense by Clinique (SPF25), is a defence against those horrible signs of ageing. Perfect for dry skin, as it has a deep moisture which helps to balance out the oil and water glands. ( Which helps to minimise the look of lines and wrinkles. Yipee!). Great at keeping your make-up stay on for longer and keeping your skin very hydrated.

Combination: The world is your oyster! Estee Lauder’s ‘Time Zone’ would be absolutely perfect. SPF15, and it is also a defence against those nasty UVA and UVB rays! This helps to retain a healthier more fresh looking skin. In a recent survey, 98% of women said they instantly felt their skin was hydrated and comfortable. The sirtuin technology which is in the moisturiser, helps skin resist the daily stresses that accelerate the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Oily: Clinique’s ‘Dramatically Different Gel’. SPF15. If you have oily skin, you need an oil free moisturiser. These tend to come in gel forms. Which are absolutely perfect for you! The gel helps to “drink” the excess oil and balances out the oil and water glands underneath the skin. Your skin will be left feeling smooth and comfortable. Apply twice daily to face and throat.


Advance Night Repair by Estee Lauder, is ” The one formula, beautiful skin can’t live without.’

This little fairy is an anti-ageing serum. ( Which was inspired by ground braking DNA research). This bottle, brings your skin a significant reduction in the appearance of ageing. This needs to be used every night so it can repair past damage, and prevent future. Advance night repair’s environmental pollution and gives continuous hydration. It also, sooth’s the look of daily irritation and replenishes skins own natural protectants.

WINNER OF : Marie Claire’s ‘Best Beauty Care’ ; Woman&Home ‘Best Night Treatment’ ; Instyle Beauty Awards ‘Best Serum’ and She Beauty & Fragrance ‘ Best Night Product’

As well as the facial serum, there is also an Advance Night Repair serum, which is a silky gel. As the skin around your eyes is 4X thinner than anywhere else on your face it needs a softer product. Because the skin is so thin around the eye area, it makes it more vulnerable to environmental damage and is also where you will see signs of ageing increase dramatically. This gel helps to reduce the look of fine lines; wrinkles; puffiness; dark circles and dryness. Your eyes need this!

Cleansing and Toning.

Cleansers and Toners are more of a personal choice. Any cosmetic brand would be happy to custom fit you to the perfect cleanser and toner.My personal favourite brand for this is Clarins. Clarins are renowned for their dramatic results in skin care. Your cleanser removes your daily make-up and any dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and smooth. As it cleanses your skin, it hydrates and conditions and leaves your gorgeous skin feeling renewed! Your toner is a follow on from a cleanser. It helps to make sure you have nothing left on your skin, and again, removes any dead skin cells. Your toner should leave your skin feeling refreshed and clean. Cleansing and Toning should be the main part of your skin care regime as it removes your make-up, and stops your skin building up any blemishes.

Go ahead and try these products! Any of the above brands mentioned will be happy to give you any samples to try and first.

Your great skin starts here.