Japanese fashion’s influence on Western style and trends

30 Mar

Probably most of you didn’t know that most of the trends start in Japan before going to Europe, the States and the rest of the world. In fact, Japanese fashion is more and more influencing westerner style these days.

No no, it is not America which launches the trends like for everything else nor the city of Fashion but Japan.

For example, the popularity of camouflage motifs began in Ura-hara before migrating around the world.

Jean Paul Gautier spring/summer 08 show opened with some pretty serious camouflage, appearing in everything from breeches to loose waistcoats, to skirts, hats and bags.

Japanese fashion may not yet be as popular as luxury brands like Dior and Louis Vuitton. But it is slowly being adopted by more and more teenagers and young women in the western world that are most of the time inspired and following celebrities.

Of course everyone knows of Gwen Stefani’s love of Japan with her Harajuku girl backing dancers. But also with her Harajuku clothing line that is drawing inspiration from Japanese culture and that was the first collection to regroup a European designer and the Japanese style: Stefani’s line was in fact, a combination between Christian Dior and Japan fashion which at first generated a wave of shock for the whole western fashion world. More recently, the famous American singer also launched recently her super cute Harajuku Lovers perfume inspired once again by Japan that was this time much better welcomed by western fashonistas and critiques.

The Harajuku Girls hired in 2004 as backup dancers for Gwen Stefani.

The Japanese fashion revolution began in the 80s with designers like Issey Miyake, Kohji Kamamoto and Comme de Garcons. And it has completely extended now with brands like Uniqlo, Kenz and Muji.

Besides, European designers like John Galliano, Elie Saab and Karl Lagerfeld have for a long time been fans of Japanese fashion and regularly go there for inspiration in order to be creative and present a new aspect to the westernized world.

Issey Miyake, spring/summer 2008.

In 2007, John Galliano got his inspiration from Japanese artistic elements for his Dior Handbags collection. This Dior Samourai 1947 Woven bag was released in celebration of Dior’s 60th anniversary. The hand stitched Japanese hair knot and tortoiseshell frame top are super elaborate. Rolled leather handle with twisted tie detailing and gusseted sides add a touch of Asian style.

Elie Saab, the French implanted fashion designer unveiled a Japanese-tinged spring-summer haute couture collection at Paris Fashion Week 2007. Saab’s collection was inspired by the Japanese kimono with wide-cut sleeves and obi sashes.

Known for their accomplished mixed and matched outfits, their strong emphasis on color and their advance in their tastes in comparison to Europe, Japanese have allowed European designers to bring to the Westernized fashion world a new, creative, unique and colorful look that wasn’t present before: A new look that comes challenging the old monotone shades and similarity that was predominating.

With designers that are constantly pushing fashion boundaries and people who know how to be unique and not to look like carbon copies of each other. Japan has fulfilled in drawing everyone’s attention on their style.

However, the Japanese fashion industry is still late comparing to the European ones and is facing many difficulties to grow despite the government’s efforts to help the field.

Japan’s domestic apparel industry is on the decline. It shrank 1.3 percent in 2010, and is expected to post a steeper decline for 2011 as recession-weary consumers and an aging population cut back sharply on spending.

Nevertheless, there are some young emerging designers that are ambitions and hoping to follow the footsteps of previous Japanese designers such as Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo that have excelled in the Fashion domain and continue to impress and influence the western world with new, innovative and unique trends.

Yohji Yamamoto spring/summer 10 collection

A current exhibition that is running at the Barbican Art Gallery in London shows how Japanese took the world by storm in the early 1980s and how their presence continues on the international stage. It explores the unique sensibility of Japanese design, and its sense of beauty embodied in clothing.

So if you are interested in learning a bit more about this unique and very accessorized style, do not hesitate to book you tickets and go explore the treasures of Japanese fashion!


Style Spying: Oxford Street

30 Mar

What makes London such an iconic fashion forward city? The capital welcomes different cultures from all over the world, bringing with them unique and inspirational styles and trends that have burst onto the streets of London. As the city attracts over 27 million overnight-stay visitors every year, eying up trendy outfits from around the globe couldn’t get easier. Street spying in central London is a great way to check out the latest fashion styles from different cultures, and where better to go then one of the world’s most famous streets? Oxford street, of course.

I walked up and down Oxford Street to do exactly that, asking people along the way about their choice of outfit, what trends they like and what the bought. I also asked each person what their favourite shop is down Oxford Street, to see how people rate different shops clothing range.

Here’s what some fashion forward people had to say about their style:

Carin, 26, Mayfair: “This time of year is hard to figure out what my style is, as some days are freezing cold and I have to get out my coat, and other days are RayBan weather! At the moment I love my leather jacket, I got it from Debenhams a month or so ago for £50.00. It’s easy and to wear and looks stylish on to0, leather jackets never go out of fashion and I think everyone should have one. I usually wear it with a pair of skinny jeans  and either ankle boots or platforms.”


Fiona, 19, Notting Hill: ” My favourite high street shop is either Topshop or Urban Outfitters. They always seem to be on trend and have a really wide selection of clothing. So far I bought a printed suntop from Topshop, it was only£25.00 and has a really cute cross back detail. I am slowly buying things to wear on holiday! The next thing I will probably buy is a bikini from House Of Fraser. Expensive bikinis are always better because they last longer and have better support. I would probably spend around £100 on a set.”

Tatjana, 22, Moscow: “Fashion in Russia is a little different than in the UK. Our shops are more practical for diverse weather conditions, so we don’t have as many cool clothes shops like down Oxford Street! The main style that is coming into fashion for spring in Moscow is lace. A lot of people are wearing laced shirts and frilly tops! Compared to shops here, our style of frills are much different, i’m not sure if it looks more dated or more futuristic. I love fashion here, my favourite trend at the moment I have noticed in shops down Oxford Street is probably bright colours. It really makes spring a lot more fun and happy. ”

Fiona, 20, Essex: “I come to Oxford Street regularly to have a girly shopping day out. It’s great here as there are so many shops to choose from. I hate it when people put a style agenda on people from Essex, saying that everyone wears tacking things like white heels and dresses. It’s completely untrue. Today i’m wearing camel chino trousers(£27.00) from Miss Selfridge, with a silk peach vest top tucked in. If I wear a plain outfit like this then I love to add lots of accessories to add individual style, such as a large pendant necklace, lots of bracelets and a belt.  I have noticed a lot of aztec style skirts coming out in the shops right now, this may be my next buy of the day!”

…and what did everyone vote for as their favourite Oxford Street store?
TOPSHOP!  It is unsurprising that this trend setting high street store hits first place for style loving shoppers down Oxford Street. Always quick to bring out the latest styles and trends, with some out-there outfits and row upon row of different colours, shapes and sizes, Oxford Street shoppers just can’t get enough!

But what is your town’s style? Hit the streets and do some of your own style spying!


30 Mar

A slither of inspiration for all aspiring.

Johanna O’Hagan is an example of what can be achieved if you want it badly enough. Sheffield-born, the designer left school at fourteen with no qualifications, perhaps destined to become another statistic of broken Britain. But fast-forward fifteen years- via The London College of Fashion, the mere roots of the designs that are now seen on celebrities, aka Lady Gaga.

However, anyone is yet to be spied, adorned in a pair of ceramic knickers and matching bra set. Not the most commercial enterprise to revel in. But it proves a point; her work is not throwaway fashion, it is statement yelling, beauty reeking, and evocative.

The notions behind her designs are unique, with a fixation with transformation, progression and realization, her collections spells out a personal experience.

The ceramic pieces are key to this idea, with fragility, they emphasise the need for care.

Johanna O'Hagan Bra

Naomi Campbell in Alaia shoes, alongside a Topshop Lace skirt, peplum by Matthew Harding and a custom-crafted cermaic brassiere from Johanna O’Hagan.

Scrumptious Summer Colours!

29 Mar

So we picked up this years spring/summer trends from fashion week, but what cosmetics did you pick up to go with it?! Were almost in April, so its time to start wearing the new face girls! We all want to banish the grey skies and get heavenly bronzed, so with these fabulous new products i’ve picked out for you, there is no way a cosmetic fail will be on the cards for you this season.

Bold colour’s. Check Volume lashes. Check Sunkissed Glow. Check

Base tan: Dior Bronze self tanner. This is an instant natural glow for any skin tone and can be applied to the face and to the rest of the body. The shimmery tan smooths on evenly, leaves skin feeling fresh and looking naturally healthy. This tan is brilliant for the every day sun kissed glow, without using a tanning bed. Perfect for work, social meetings, holidays and you!

Now you have a base tan, don’t forget to use your spf moisturizer. Apply over the tan on the face before applying your make-up.

Foundation: A girls best friend! In summer, we can always get away with our foundation being a shade darker, due to the sun changing our skin colouring. You’re skin is more likely to become oily during the spring/summer because of the heat. This often leaves foundation ‘slipping’ off and leaving skin feeling patchy and uncomfortable. I’ve found the best stay on foundation is Estee Lauder’s “Double Wear”. This is is fantastic for coverage and leaves skin looking flawless and feeling smooth. I have found this foundation doesn’t slide during those oily months. Finally, Yipee to Double Wear. Its a must have this summer. *Tip* Use a foundation brush for best results.

This year is all about yummy delicious bold colour’s and my my, I love them! Pink is always a summer favourite, and believe me, it still is this year! However, why not try coral? luscious coral.. fan-dabby-do-bee!

Cheeks :To achieve gorgeous, structured, super-model cheek bones, try Coralista blusher by Benefit. *Tip* line up your cheek bone with your brush so you know exactly where your dusting on. Take the brush right up to the hair line in one natural swift movement. Repeat a couple of times for the bold colour you want this season!

Lashes: All year round, lashes are a major biggie for us girls. No mascara = ending up feeling like Darnell ( Big Brother contestant ). This summer, lashes are back but even bigger! Treat yourself to some lash extensions and you’ll never look back. For a cheap option, Eylure do two fabulous options. The first one, is the Girls Aloud range. These are strip lashes, very easy to apply by yourself and you can pick your favourite band members lashes! The second is individual lashes. These are a little more time consuming and you may need someone to do them for you. However, they are very easy to do! Compliments will be fluttering your way. If you don’t want to try lash extensions, try Zoom Lash by MAC. This mascara is designed to give your lashes that extra va va voom! with the brush reaching every single lash, bringing them up to your eyebrows!This mascara comes in black or brown. *Tip*, When the mascara wand is on your lashes, once you get near the top, shake the wand from side to side and move your hand upwards in a slow motion. This will help lengthen the lashes.

Eyes: Once you have your full length super duper lashes, you wont need much more! Eye colours this season are very simple. Little tip, Lots of colour on the eyes= hardly any colour on the lips. ( We don’t want to look like transvestites). As bold colours are in this year, I suggest using a cream and a brown on the eyes ( your preference of brand. )Start off by using the lighter colour all over the eye lid. This will highlight the eye. Slowly start putting on the darker shade in the corner (nearest your ear) of the eye. slowly start introducing it to the rest of the eyelid but only go half way. *Tip*, adding a little of the dark colour underneath the eye instead of eyeliner is another season trend and perfect for everyday. For night time occasions, a traditional smokey eye is definitely working for you!

Lips: The world, is your oyster! As long as they’re bright, they’re fabulous! My three favourite shades are all by MAC. The first one is, a limited edition Lady GaGa inspired lipstick. This is called “GaGa” and it is a gorgeous pink! Perfect for you girly girls out there. The second one is a limited edition Cyndi Lauper inspired lipstick. This is called “Cyndi” and it is a bright coral. This is absolutely fabulous for everyday and night time. Its very versatile. And finally, if your feeling a little more daring! The third is called Riveting Rose. Its a purple. Don’t be alarmed! If you look on my bloggers bio picture I have it on there. *Tip* For best results use a lipliner for an ultra strong lip!

Bronzer: Dior Bronze is absolutely perfect for an all over added glow this summer! There are different shades and you can choose between matte and shimmery. Dust all over the face after foundation and blusher. This it a handbag MUST have!

I could go on for hours at all the gorgeous products out there but they are this seasons favourite’s. Some other fave’s include;

Benefit-Moon Beam. Absolutely perfect for the summer glow. Dab 3 dots up the cheek bone, after foundation but before applying the blusher.

Guerlain– Orange toned blusher. The 4 colour’s work together to reveal the inner goddess! Absolutely gorgeous for an everyday glow. Tip, dust extra when attending a bbq or social swaray!


Wear in the world ?

29 Mar

We’re all a bit complacent when it comes to fashion trends in the UK – A high speed high street that turns trends around from catwalk to one-click shopping by the time fashion week closes. How spoilt we are!

But when UK people are tired of copying the catwalk and want to get a more unique look and find new trends, they tend to focus at specific styles that other people have done in the past or at trends from across the world…

Let’s cover the 5 continents to find the top trends that have influenced the British taste and style.

1: Australia:

To start our trip, let’s go to the country of Kangaroos and amazing beaches: Australia and its famous UGG boots. They are the perfect example of the influence that has the world on the British fashion field.          First created in Australia, these unisex sheepskin boots were supposed to be exclusively for surfers who wanted to keep their feet warm after exiting from the surf.

Contrary to any expectation, surf helped popularising the boots outside Australia and New Zealand. And in the late 1980s and early 1990s UGG-branded ugg boots emerged as a fashion trend in the United Kingdom and the US through celebrities’ promotions such as Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker and Pamela Anderson.

Now, in black, beige, brown or grey, from knisbridge to Camden going through covent garden and Portobello, everyone is wearing these comfortable boots either for shopping, coffee, uni or even for an after party when you feet suffered the whole night.

A selection of UGG Boots

Kate Moss in Short Classic Grey UGG Boots

2: Asia:

Our second item comes directly from the country that is now competing with the Holywood film industry and that is known for its tasty cuisine. A country where women are known for their beauty, grace and conservatism: I am of course talking about India and its so famous harem pant.

Harem pants, which originally from India, are like a cross between a skirt and a pair of skinny jeans. They hit the catwalks for a massive come back last year and spread in no time all around the country. Comfy and colorful, these pants are far from being just a simple vintage look from a not too distant period in fashion. The current British trend known as harem pants can be traced back nearly 2.000 years to the traditional garments known as salvars in South and Western Asia.

In 1909, harem pants were brought back into the fashion industry by French designer Paul Poiret, with the pants being worn below a tunic draped over the upper body. Unfortunately this trend failed, and harem pants were again relegated to being worn for women’s sports.

Today, harem pants are becoming more and more popular thanks to designers such as Galliano, Jacobs and Valentino that fulfilled in making it sleek, sophisticated and chic outfit that is appreciated by all and worn all over the UK.

John Galliano’s collection for Christian Dior during Paris Fashion Week 2009 featuring swooshing harem pants.

3: America:

From movies to food and going through TV shows, the US’s influence is everywhere and concerns all the fields. And fashion is of course not spared!

The perfecto is without a doubt the most outspoken example of the American marks in the UK fashion world.This leather motorcycle jacket was first introduced in 1928 and had been produced for more than 50 years.

Till today, it is constantly updated and presented in new ways by big names such as Balenciaga and Joseph but also in British high street stores like Topshop, River Island and New Look.

The iconic black leather jacket, famously worn by Marlon Brando in the 1953 movie The Wild One, was born in the USA.

4: The Middle East:

After exploring America, Australia and Asia, let’s focus on the Oriental side of the world, which despite its delays in many areas has without a doubt played a role in shaping the British style.

The Kufiyah that was typically worn by Arab men and that was first created to protect people from direct sun exposure in arid regions is one of these oriental item that over time spread in the westernized countries before becoming a must have for every fashonista and an “incontournable” for all the celebs.

The Kufiyah became an international fashion trend in the late 1980’s at the start of the first intifada when bohemian girls wore them as scarves.

The trend recurred in the mid-2000s in Europe when the kufiyah became popular as a fashion accessory -usually worn as a scarf around the neck- and stocked in high street stores such as Urban Outfitters and TopShop.

El Horreya Ladies wearing the traditional Kufiyah

5: Europe:

And finally, last but not least, the French influence on the UK fashion world.

The city of love and fashion has definitely left its marks in the British style just like it did in all the other countries. The power of the French style is undeniable. A simple look at the British streets says it all.

The well-known “mariniere” style was at first the French navy sailor costume before becoming in the early 20th century the common people wear and finally the symbol of the French culture and the eternal France. The “mariniere” can be found in all the British high street stores like French Connection, New Look and River Island as one of their best seller.

And of course, the famous “French” beret. First worn by fishermen in the Basques It was used by men and women in the 1920s as sportswear and later as a fashion statement.                                                                     The beret is now a commercial product in the UK sold in a wide array of colors in many high street stores and even online boutiques such as asos.

The famous French beret

French women wearing a blue and white stripped top illustrating perfectly the “mariniere” style

After exploring the world and its most influencial trends on the UK fashion world, we of course, noticed some great styles out there to pull from, but there have also been some very strange, awkward, and down right bad style choices that have been made as well.

So now…  make your choice and choose which part of the world you want to explore!

Online Review:

28 Mar


We have witnessed an extrodinary invention that many couldn’t imagine living without….the internet. Using it in our everyday lives as a common tool either at home, work or on the go to communicate, search and buy the world couldn’t be happier(and lazier).

Now at the comfort of your own home, you are able to search through anything and everything to do with fashion without having to spend the day running from shop to shop for that perfect dress you were after. Many fashion outlets have seen this as a great way to allow shoppers to check out the latest trends, buy products and get it sent through the post so you don’t have to budge.  Noticing a great opportunity, it is understandable that there are more and more recognised and trustworthy online only fashion stores to check out and buy from which are becoming increasingly popular.

As Seen On Screen, known as ASOS is my all time favourite online fashion store. It really does have everything you could ask  for from a fashion store. With competive prices, free delivery(even international!) and trusty advice from style professionals, it really is your all-in-one online fashion friend that could easily become your homepage, wherever you are in the world.

Established in June 2000, ASOS.com is the UK’s largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer, offering over 40,000 branded and own label product lines across womenswear, menswear, footwear, accessories, jewellery and beauty with over 2,000 new product lines being introduced ever week. Aimed primarily at fashion forward 16-34 year olds, ASOS .com attracts over 11 million visitors a month.

Heres what the professionals are saying about the site:

The online fashion store is ablaze with hot designers“-Marie Claire

“In just ten years ASOS.com has gone from niche get the look website to massive internet phenomenon.“-Grazia

“ASOS.com’s trend led mix of clothes, accessories and beauty products is perfect for lunchtime browsing.”-The Guardian

What I adore about  ASOS is their online page. The set out and design jumps out at you and really catches your eye. As you can see from the picture, there are many tabs to chose from including my personal favourite; fashion finder. Clicking on this new tab will lead you to different sections of trends that are hot this season. Depending on your style, you can chose which section to click and it will show you all of the most stylish clothes from the chosen trend, giving you a choice from designer to bargain buys. Quick, easy and convenient when wanting to find something from a specific trend.

I’m only 5 ft, and any petite person out there will understand my frustration when trying to find clothes. Dresses are too long, bottoms are too baggy, and you look like your wearing your boyfriends shirt. ASOS are one of the few online shops who have realised this, dedicating a whole page for little people like me :). Some high street shops will offer clothes in petite, but have a very small collection to chose from. ASOS have a great petite selection in every category, stocking clothes that are available right down to a size 4!

ASOS’s own brand compromises of fashionable, in trend clothes which are bang on budget. Many of their clothes and accessories are influenced by celebrity style spots, which means you can steal the high end fashion look for a fraction of the price!

Many people tend to worry about buying online, including the price of delivery and returns. ASOS is one of the only fashion online shops that I have come across to offer free delivery AND returns! Not only this, but students get a further 10% discount with a valid NUS card!

ASOS has the ultimate budget attitude and is perfect for young, trendy students across the world!


How French is French Connection ?

28 Mar

First of all, you have to know that French Connection is not a French shop. French Connection, often stylised FCUK,is a British retailer of clothing and accessories in many parts of the world, founded in 1972. However,

FCUK is inspired by the French clothing style, and that is why a lot of people think that French Connection is a French Brand.

If you look carefully at all the ads. that FCUK have made, you’ll always find an allusion to France. In its last ads. campaign, it’s written : You are Woman ? You are Man ? By writing this down, FCUK is in a way speaking the english that a French person would talk.

French Connection has its own clothing style. They create a certain range of clothes, all of them really casual, simple, and easy to wear, and classy.

In its last collection, FCUK is using bright colours, a lot of stripes, and flowers. But it stays simple

Vintage in the Capital

28 Mar

So I’ve been harping on about second hand clothing in every post. I tend to drone on about it whenever I get the opportunity if I’m honest, c’est la vie! I love it and I’m not ashamed! I always find that with retro trends and revivals constantly being in fashion you just don’t need to fake it with expensive high street. When wearing the real thing for a fraction of the price is an option I often wonder why people bother with anything else. Having the patience to plough through the rails is a must – and actually enjoying yourself is a bonus! I could spend hours sifting through rails upon rails, with no real idea what I’m looking for. And I always find a little gem.

Today’s insight into vintage and second hand shopping – where to look! I get so many young ladies exclaiming that they’d simply LOVE to shop vintage but just have no idea where to start. After this, there will be no more excuses. Here are a few my favourite spots to do a bit of retro shopping when you’re a fashionista living in the Big Smoke.

My favourite place in London to find my vintage goodies has to be in the East. I first came across Brick Lane in September. I had dreamt of this magical place many a time after friends had come back from London trips singing its praises. My hopes were high. Needless to say I was not disappointed. Head down on a Sunday morning – there’s always a market on with street performers and bric-a-brac for sale. Look hard enough you’ll always find a bargain! A friend of mine got a fab nineties fluffy top from the boot of a man’s car. The best bit, it was only a pound! Perfect! Nearest tube stations are Aldgate East and Liverpool Street.

After you fight your way through the many Indian restaurants and men desperately trying to get you to eat at the undoubtedly BEST INDIAN RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD (as each boasts) you quickly (maybe not quickly enough) stumble across the infamous ROKIT. Rokit seems to be the vintage shop that most people have heard of. It’s great, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I find it a bit hit and miss. Especially with the price. I once picked up a real leather coat for a measly tenner, but then you’re looking at paying up to 30 pounds for a pair of cut off shorts that you could easily make for yourself for nothing.

So now we need to take a little diversion off Brick Lane, onto Cheshire Street. My most favourite shopping street ever. On the corner you’ll notice a great little vintage shop. The perfect mix of all decades. I always find some shops have far too many of what look like 80s prom dresses. Which, dare I say, is not quite the look we are going for.  Head downstairs in here for the bargain bins!

Staying on the left hand side of the road a few doors down you’ll come to a slightly dingy looking shop. My favourite. Owned by some lovely guys who always seem to be rolling joints. Great bargains on shoes, coats and bags on this floor. Again, head downstairs where everything is £10! I recently got a denim jacket and a tacky as hell leopard print dress.

Right so we’ve got our bargains and we’re back onto the street. Keep on walking down and you’ll eventually come to huge warehouse Beyond Retro.  The first time I stepped into Beyond Retro I was totally stunned! Just absolutely blown away by the sheer range of vintage and retro clothing they own. You could probably come here for all your vintage needs. (Although I wouldn’t want to, the hunt is part of the fun!) They cater for every angle you could possibly be going for and mix it up with their own little range of bags and hats. I picked myself up a turban. Controversial. Paloma Faith, Kate Nash, Diana Vickers, Jessie J, Marina & the Diamonds, Carl Barat and Alexa Chung have all been spotted wearing Beyond Retro clothing. If it’s good enough for the Chung then it’s good enough for us!

Moving away from Brick Lane, aka vintage heaven, onto my favourite market. You have to trust me on this one! So many of my friends have turned my nose up at this place, shaken off my adoration of it and referring to it as a dump. Do keep reading! Deptford Market is the epitome of having to search for your bargain. All the clothes are in huge piles on the floor. So you literally are scrambling through piles. The beauty of it, to me, is that these sellers have no idea that what they are selling is fashionable, or how much they could actually charge. Everything is dirt-cheap. Nothing is priced. You show the seller what you’re interested in and they’ll say a random price! I found a shirt and a dress, showed the lady; she spoke enough English to tell me – ‘£5!’ I nearly fell over. I mentioned in an earlier post that I got some Brothel Creepers from here for £3. I still haven’t recovered. It was an amazing day. Just catch the DLR to Deptford Station.

There you have it, a select few of my favourite spots in LDN to grab a vintage bargain. You’ll find me frequenting these hotspots almost weekly. (Most definitely why I’ve maxxed out two overdrafts…) Take heed, don’t be afraid to root around and see you there!

In the midst of a 90s revival…already?

25 Mar

After a long, and dare I say tiresome, spout of endless legwarmer based, Desperately-Seeking-Susan-esque outfits, the 80s revival trend appears to be running out of steam. So, unquestionably, the 90s revival trend should be the natural successor. But so soon?! I find it hard to believe that the 90s were a long enough time ago to warrant a revival. I feel as though I’ve barely had the chance to cry bon voyage and bid a solemn farewell to my sunny disposition 90s childhood, but alas! The dark cloud of my 21st birthday, my impending doom, is fast approaching. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t see this revival as a bad thing. Quite the contrary. A 90s revival, in all senses of the term, whether it be music, fashion or emotion, is my perfect trend. I love the nineties and everything the decade provided. The nineties were the first decade where the trend for retro-fashion began. And vintage was my first love.

So, delving briefly into the realms of things other than fashion. I couldn’t whack out a 90s revival blog without mentioning the best boy band of the 90s treating us to a cheeky reunion just a few years ago. Our babes Take That are back and bigger than ever. Not just the boys though, 90s themed club nights are popping up all over the country. Even our godforsaken dump of an SU cottoned on to the trend and splashed out on a 90s themed night for us. Shoreditch’s favourite club night WORK IT! hosts their 90s R’n’B nights regularly. Check it out at Concrete on April 7th for the Jay Z Vs. Mary J Blige night. The place to be and the place to be seen.

Kid's hitop fade. Fantastic 90s hair being revived by very brave boys across the country

Back to fashion and my all favourite trend – grunge. I suppose I’ve always been a grunger in one way or another. So here are some of my favourite 90s items for the perfect dirty, grungy look this summer. And of course everything is second hand. What else would you expect from me?

Grunge and Glory shoot, US Vogue, 1992. Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain were sent items from the shoot. They burnt the clothes. Love recently admitted she 'desperately regrets' her actions.

90s grunge revival icon Alice Dellal. Hero.

Starting at the bottom – shoes. This season I’m going for Dr. Martens, Vans and Brothel Creepers (any platforms really- think Spice Girls.)

Brothel Creepers from eBay. Good condition and cheap as chips. Just type in ‘Creepers’ into the search bar and you’re away.

I found a pair of these for £3 in Deptford Market. Topshop are selling them this season for £80. Needless to say, not my cup of tea.

In the middle now – the bottoms. I’m going for the floor length skirt option or the cut off denim shorts. Bare legged or black opaque tights when it’s chilly. We are in England after all.

EBay again with another cracking offer. I bought this skirt for £8.99 plus £2.99 postage and packaging. Can’t go wrong really!

You may of noticed my penchant for all things casual and comfortable by now. I love oversized t-shirts. Hit your local charity shop or thift store and pick up a vintage baggy for next to nothing. Roll up the sleeves, nip in at the waist. Ironic slogans and old band tee’s are perfect.

For the jacket, as we have established by now we aren’t in Barbados, we want denim or leather. I’m not talking these slim-line numbers you’ll find in New Look. My worst nightmare is someone pointing out a piece of clothing I’m wearing and knowing where it’s from. If they dared to own the item too I’d probably have a quiet aneurism. I really don’t care how pretentious this makes me.

Beyond Retro are selling this classic Levi’s denim number for £25.

Even more of a splurge on this one at £45, but it’s going to last you a lifetime!

The nineties definately had some memorable eyewear. The boys are back again showing us how it’s done.

I’m going with Liam Gallagher on this one. The round glasses are my favourite look this season. Here’s a prime example of the nineties being a retro loving decade. These glasses were also popular in the 60s and 80s. To eBay again for yet another fab bargain!

Grab these bad boys for less than a tenner.

You can also pick up these sunnies from local fancy dress shops for next to nothing, but make sure they have full UV protection.


So there you have my favourite look for spring summer 2011. Another article proving you can achieve the latest trends for next to nothing, whilst wearing a unique outfit and avoiding being a highstreet clone. Take the advice with a pinch of salt! These are helpful hints, not rules. Be yourself!

TGIF! Your weekend look-whatever the occasion!

25 Mar

This coming Sunday will be the longest day of the year, which means one more hour of sunshine…yay! With warm weather and brilliant sunshine forecast, there’s nothing better then spending your weekend shopping during the day, and showing off your new clothes at night!

Whether you are out partying with friends, or having a romantic dinner with the boyfriend, I have put together a number of great outfits to wear on different occasions which are not only on trend, but outfits that you can wear time andtime again leading into the summer!

All of my chosen outfits are from high street stores, and like last time I have stuck to the £50.00 per item budget! There’s nothing better then having a bit of extra money left over time!

The club scene

OK, so we’ve only just about tiptoed into spring, and definitely not in the hot summer months! But, true to the British style, when a little bit of sun comes out….why not have a bit of skin showing?!(Don’t forget to top up on the tan though!)

When your hitting the clubs this weekend, dare to bare, and show a bit of leg! If your not quite there yet, team a cute dress or long top with a thick pair of tights and heels!

The outfits


Multi Floral Button Back Shell Top

Every wardrobe must have a printed, floral top! Wear your hair up with matching makeup to really bring out the colours of the top!
Key trends: Prints and colour pop.


Bargain of the week!

Black figure hugging skirt

Another must-have all year round.




Very.co.uk By Fearne Cotton
Dutti Platform shoes

Bold colours are a great trend this season, and as we mentioned in a recent post, these shoes by Fearne Cotton are spot on trend. The orange works great with the colours in the top, and brings the whole outfit to life!


Or, If your not quite ready to show off your legs….

Cream Embroidered  Bow Blouse

This is my favorite! The Swedish Lace top looks sophisticated on, and is long enough to get away with wearing tights. Part your hair in the middle with plaits on the side to create the gorgeous boho spring look.


Whenever you are looking for simple items of clothing like tights or leggings, never venture further then your trusty Primark!
Add these tights to your outfit to look effortlessly gorgeous.

£17.99 (+£2.99 p+p)
Black wedge ankle boots

It’s hard to find fashionable shoes at good prices, thats why I love Ebay! These new wedges are a great statement piece to finish off the gorgeous boho outfit.


The dinner scene

Planning to go for dinner with your loved ones? Whether its with friends, family or your boyfriend/girlfriend the trick is to have effortless fashion! Try wearing a simple dress with a pair of heels, or some skinny jeans with a glam top. Add some toned down, natural shades of make-up and voilà! Here’s a few of my favourites…

Peach Sleeveless  Tuck Detail Dress

This simple dress tucks you in, in all the right places and makes your body look fab! Great for going out to dinner, the high neck line and tuck detail brings out the trend in you!


Linzi Shoes
Modesta Satin Heels

The black court shoes let’s the dress do the talking, and makes your legs look slim and slender. Match the dress with a black skinny waist belt to create a sophisticated, classy look.

Or, If it is too cold to show off those pins…

Miss Selfridge
Cream Flower Embellished Top

A great dinner top to add some glamour to your outfit.  Remember, when you are sitting down, it is all about what you are wearing on top!


Black Skinny Jeans

These basic black skinny’s will make your legs look long and slender. A great bargain too!

Sale £30.00
Peaches Seude Platforms in the style of Cheryl Cole.

The suede super high heels bring out the different textures in the outfit.


The cinema scene

Sometimes I love nothing more than chilling out in front of the big screen with a tub of popcorn! If your off to the cinema this weekend, the key is to wear comfy clothes…I hate it when people walk in as if they are off to a nightclub!The colour for casual this season is nude. There are some great trousers and casual shorts available in the shops now, team with a comfy T or vest and your ready to relax for a few hours without fidgeting!(Remember to bring a cardigan or jumper, the cinema can get a little chilly!)

White Tiered Tee

To create the look, tuck in top to shorts (leaving the tee a little baggy) and add this seasons Aztec jewellery.




Miss Selfridge
Tan Suedette Short

I love these! Effortlessly chick and screaming the Aztec trend, but casual and comfy enough to watch a film in!




River Island
Red Feather Sandals

River Island has a great collection of sandals this season, and their feather sandals finish this Aztec look with casual perfection.


If your local cinema enjoys leaving the aircon on…


River Island
Camel Silk Vest

This 70s style over sized vest is great to wear on any occasion, team with a statement necklace to add texture to the overall look.



Camel Paper Waistband Belted Tapered Trousers.

Everyone needs a pair of casual, light pants. As hot as it may get, it will always be a little nippy during the night! Mix beige colours to give out a casual but trendy vibe.



Linzi Shoes
Lilia Red Aztec Sandal

Finish the outfit by adding a splash of colour. The red ovals work great with matching jewellery.



There you go girls! Everyone can look fab, whatever the budget! Have fun and enjoy the sun this weekend, lets keep our fingers crossed that we can ditch our scarves and hats till fall! Don’t Forget to look out for a bargain this weekend! Online sales are starting, which means it will soon hit the stores!