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Luxury made Affordable by Lucy in Disguise.

21 Mar

Evoke your inner bohemian and spend Sunday lounging in the park or take yourself out on Saturday night and shake your tassel feather dress till dawn with Lucy in Disguise.





We can skip between decade-to-decade, city and scene, the clothes; party dresses, coats, killer skirts and flirtatious tops. Hell, we wear vintage like it is new.  But, as vintage is now almost priced out of the market, that classic Chanel suit is enough to cause a seizure. And that’s if you can even find one unless one enjoys spending hours on their knees flicking through grubby jumble sale racks. However, Lucy in Disguise is opening their wardrobe to all, and putting their favorite pieces on shameless display, all under one very chic roof. If the blow dry bar and vintage make-up salon does not tempt you enough, they have more drop-dead gowns than you could shake a feather boa at. Think of this new gem as a shared dressing up box, so turn around, give me a twirl and follow us inside Lucy in Disguise and prepare to be dazzled.

The sisters Lily Allen and Sarah Owen lead Lucy in Disguise. A shared passion for fashion and love of hoarding vintage, led to a desire to share this with the world with an aim of making the classic vintage style attainable. Luxury labels and designers are at price that makes looking a million dollars for the special night out an affordable treat.

This is the spot where the vintage loving girl can buy or simply hire desirable pieces from whichever decade preferred. Perhaps beaded dresses from the 20s, evening gowns from the 30s, or rub shoulders with the 40s tea dress as well as the prom dress from the 50s. There is Ossie Clark and BIba from the 60s and 70s as well as sequins and sparkle until the 80s. No more rummaging on jumble sale rails, or six AM alarm calls to get to Portobello market.


If this wasn’t enough, you can add finishing touches to your look by visiting the blow dry bar and vintage salon where your tresses will be teased and make-up applied to create the perfect vision of vintage style.

But warning: you will soon be addicted to the Lucy in disguise experience but it is ready with a private dressing room, your own personal stylist and a cocktail at hand to debate the merits of hemlines.

Therefore, Lucy in Disguise is the modern girl’s way to do vintage.


Feel free to dance around Lucy in beauty parlour to check out their treatment list!

Our Lucy in Disguise favorites…

Pink 80′s jacket £50.00

Tan 80′s short suede skirt £45.00

70′s brown leather DIOR belt £120.00

Brown felt hat £45.00



70′s animal print jumpsuit £110.00, Hire £33.00

Givenchy necklace with green pendant £540.00

Egyptian bracelet blue £182.00

Embellished body con tassel dress £65.00