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Oriental Jewellery

24 Mar

Tired of all the pearls, studs, colourful boring and common accessories everyone is wearing? Wanting to be original and unique this summer?

Well, just have a look at the other side of the Mediterranean and discover the wide range of new materials and outstanding pieces they are creating.

From Jordan, Egypt or Morocco, new talents are emerging everyday to give you the best collections and choices possible. Their collections are characterized by their simplicity, originality and above all their singularity. The pieces will catch the crowd’s attentions even with the simplest of outfit!

For those who have big budgets, go for designers like Azza Fahmy: She is unexcelled in this field!

Azza Fahmy : The unbeatable one!

Silver calligraphy bangle

Price: £750.00

Available at:  la maison couture






Masterpiece silver choker hand pierced  with lace-like motifs.

Price: £995.00

Available at: la maison couture




Silver and Gold Statement Cuff with   Hand pierced Calligraphy designed for the   Preen Collection.

Price: £1250.00

Available at: la maison couture



My favorite piece! The lock bracelet (limited edition)The lock has been anciently known as a symbol of secrets that need to be revealed and problems that need solutions; it is believed that wearing three keys together helps unlock the doors of health, wealth, and love.

Price: £650
Available at: la maison couture




Mmm… Maybe to ‘Arabesque’, showy and expensive for some of you… you can still opt for a more discreet and reasonable priced option with Nadia Dajani, or Ruby’s Jewellery.

Known in their respective countries Jordan and Egypt as emerging talents, they are both characterised for their outstanding hand made pieces and their refined taste.

Najla Dajani: The discreet one!

Byzantine earrings

By Nadia Dajani

Price: £35

Available at: nadiadajani.com




Jerash Fish ring

By Nadia Dajani
Silver ring with the outline of a Jerash Fish in either silver or copper.
Price: £30
Available at: nadiadajani.com


Ruby’s Jewellery: The affordable one!


“Mashaalah” earrings

By Sacred Jewellery

Price: £45

Available at: ruby’s jewellery.com



“Masry” in black Necklace

Price: £25

Available at:  ruby’s jewellery.com



Jewellery is without any doubt the favorite ornament of a well-dressed woman. The Orient offers a variety of chic, fashionable and uncommon jewels to make your look fabulous at all time.

So ladies… Just choose what suits you and be ready to impress!