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A Shaded View.

22 Mar

With regards to pre-season eye-wear we advise this season for no one to go any bigger.  As it is, we are in danger of eclipsing the face entirely, as straight-up glamour and maximalism has been pushed to just about its acceptable limit.

Conversely, please refrain from going any smaller than the John  Lennon-esque round shades, perfect for that 70’s inspired spring/summer of love.

We found these, gunmetal winged small round sunglasses by Unique. Topshop £22.https://i1.wp.com/media.topshop.com/wcsstore/TopShop/images/catalog/22X01YGNM_large.jpg

However, there are lots of inbetweeners, in particular the statement glasses, which appear to take the current fixation, running wild with fancy flourishes and upslanted lenses. Prepare yourselves for some road-trip-ready leopard prints, gentle pinks or the straight browns that are never just understated.  The choice is yours, just don’t say you weren’t warned!


The sun may not be shining as brightly now, but the Contego Eyewear SS 2011 collection will inspire you until the time comes. The collection adds a literary academic twist: Each of the sunglasses is actually named after a famous author. With names such as the Morrison (Toni Morrison) and the Eliot (T.S. Eliot), you know you’ll be rocking these classics in style.


With the sun starting to poke it’s head out from behind the clouds with a little more regularity, it’s about time to step your sunglasses game up. If you aren’t afraid to stand out, then pay attention. The Ksubi Spring eyewear line offers up some unique shapes and styles of frames.

They are not for those who reside on the conservative side of the style line. From half moon shades to skeletal separated frames this is the type of eyewear that will have all eyes on you. If you are ready for the stares, then you should consider something from this collection.

Eccentric Eyewear Lookbooks 2
Eccentric Eyewear Lookbooks 4
Eccentric Eyewear Lookbooks 7

Sofia Hedman and Karolina Kling has taken it upon themselves to show that sunglasses are an object of beauty…

Shades Down in Tokyo Town is an exhibition curated by Sofia Hedman and Karolina Kling with the aim of illustrating how sunglasses can be transformed into an artifact.

Shades Down in Tokyo Town is essentially the silhouette of a town. Karolina’s graphics visually translate the curatorial narrative; abstract outlines and shapes – inspired by historically important frames as the historical is contrasted with the modern by stark bold outlines.

I personally feel there is always something unnerving about shutting someone out, living behind the glasses, that you can see the person but the person cannot see you, it’s a feeling of mystic and power.

Even miniscule blogger Tavi, style rookie is on the frame frenzy…

The question is, how will you shade your spring?